Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Annual Hermosa Beach Big Ten Pub Crawl!!

2nd Annual Big Ten Pub Crawl, November 22, 2008!

Who says that real Big 10 spirit resides east of the Mississippi? Not this crew of left-coasters who got together in the balmy breezes of Los Angeles' South Bay on Saturday, November 17 2007 for the first annual "Hermosa Beach Big Ten Pub Crawl".

The recap is below (if you have a favorite bar, you can skip to it via the links to your right), but before you dive in, a quick shout to our organizers:

Your fearless leaders? From the left, Derek, Jen, Kyle, and Wisconsin Rob all helped make the first annual crawl a smashing success...

...and of course what pub crawl would be complete without our DJ, The Notorious BMC, and our Advance Pub Scout (note that sweet Big 10 t-shirt!), the slightly less notorious Conrad.

Yes, it's mid-November, and the Big Ten club president is wearing shorts. Dorothy, we're not in the Upper Midwest anymore. So without further ado, grab your drinkin' cap, your megaphone, and your Big Ten college sweatshirt, and check out our eleven memorable (for some) stops.


Michigan Matt said...

Seriously fun event...great work to all and let's do it again! Boilermakers suck. Rose Bowls good. Next year I'm winning the pushup contest. Oh yeah, I hate OSU.

Katy (Wisconsin) said...

What a blast!! I am SO in for a basketball pub crawl in the spring!!!

Thanks everyone for organizing, I had such a great time. Go Badgers!!