Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eighth Stop: Minnesota

Bar Eight is a short stumble across Pier Plaza to Patrick Molloy's for a 12:30 "Golden Gopher". Some funky creme-de-something shot that was neither golden, nor gopher.

Oh well, we're still having fun. Our leader, Derek, celebrates the fact that he just won the over under bet with fellow organizers on how many bars we'd acutally make it to as a group.

Meanwhile, our advance scout, Conrad, has tired of taping up banners, and decides to instead simply holds up the Minnesota flag.

Bad idea, it turns out. As a certain Purdue fan decides to show his respect for the Gophers by . .

. . . defiling said Minnesota flag.

Once inside, Molloy's (as always) welcomed us with open arms.

And lots of booze.

And good times were had by all.

Even the Michigan fan above, who after learning that her team lost to Ohio State, said "Who cares? I've had eight drinks and it's not even 1PM!! HAIL TO THE VICTORS..."

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