Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sixth Stop: Iowa

Well let's see. It's 11:30am on a Saturday, we're five drinks in. We're surrounded by 70 Big Ten fans in sunny Hermosa Beach, CA. What to do?

Hit the Poop Deck for a pitcher of Budweiser and celebrate Hawkeye football of course!!!

Why are these people below so happy? Well, mainly because they're drunk playing flippy cup. . .

. . . but also because our advance scout had the foresight to pick up a bunch of extra large pies from Pedone's. Yep, six cocktails followed by a couple pieces of pizza. The wheels are most definitely about to come off.

That curly haired soccer guy flashing the peace sign in the middle of the picture below? Yeah, we don't remember his name, either. But it was his birthday. So once again, Happy Birthday, Curly Haired Soccer Guy!!! Was it Jack?

And with that, we just passed the half-way point. On to lucky bar number seven . . .

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