Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eleventh Stop: Michigan

What would a pub crawl be without some measure of physical activity?

It was with this mantra in mind that prior to entering Bar Eleven, the First Annual Hermosa Beach Big Ten Pub Crawl held its traditional (traditional now, anyway) Bar Ten-and-a-Half Pushup Contest.

The winner was some guy...with really big triceps...

Some girl came in third. Seriously!! How 'bout them Big Ten ladies!!!

Anyway, after the pushup contest, it was on to Bar Eleven, Hennessey's again, to celebrate the University of Michigan with a Go Blue Martini.

And as if the Wolverines hadn't taken enough heat today with the loss to OSU . . .

. . . this guy shows up with an App State shirt. CLASSY. Tough day for Big Blue but at least this Wolverine kept up foreign relations. "Yes we know the bird, gander."

Then we finished up the day with some cool prizes being awarded to winners of a variety of contests, including a college football pick 'em contest, best lanyard, and (of course) most pushups. We had Big Ten themed t-shirts, posters, books, basketballs, pens and more.

Thanks to the Big 10 Network for supplying all the great prizes, and thanks again to Hennessey's for letting us store all the loot at their restaurant.

And most of all, thanks to all of you for showing up!!! Next crawl date is TBA, but if we were you, we'd make sure to be available during the Big 10 Basketball tourney this spring. GO BIG TEN!

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