Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fifth Stop: Penn State

Onward to our fifth stop, a Nittany Lion-themed Underground, where the drink of choice was an icy-cold Rolling Rock from Latrobe, PA.

With five drinks in their belly, our crawlers started getting a bit contentious. All in good fun, of course. Right guys???


The highlight of this stop was probably our walk through the adjoining Cruz Lounge, which was packed to the gills with Michigan fans. When our DJ blasted the Wolverine Fight song for them, they more less remained silent. Then we bought them a few pitchers of beer and told them we hate Ohio State, wink wink, and they pretended to cheer for us. This picture was post-kiss ass.

Guess I'd be bummed too, if I only scored 3 points against the Buckeyes.

Annnnnyway, on to Bar #6...

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