Saturday, November 17, 2007

Seventh Stop: Wisconsin

Bar Seven is a few steps up Pier Avenue to Fat Face Fenner's for a Wisconsin Rose Bowl. What's a Rose Bowl? Some tasty red cocktail whose recipe eludes all of us.

Full disclosure: we at the Big Ten Pub Crawl tend to be a bit Badger-biased. After all, our ringleader used to skate around in a Bucky Badger suit during his college days. He even runs a golf tournament every year called the Greater Bucky Open that benefits the kids at the UW Children's Hospital. So we're biased, but we have a heart. Hey, it's for the kids!!!

Some Badger ladies and one drunk guy in an orange visor. Nice. Hey, wasn't Rolling Rock supposed to be two bars ago???

Below, Badger fans and fellow Big Tenners dance to DJ Notorious BMC's rendition of Jump Around.

And the guy in the red wool cap tries to look cool sucking down a Rose Bowl. Dude lose the straw and tuck that pinky in!!!

Meanwhile, Jen tries to convince Wisconsin Rob and three other Badger fans that Hermosa Beach is in fact tucked in neatly between Laguna and Newport.

They're way too drunk to care.

Seven down, four to go!!

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