Saturday, November 17, 2007

Third Stop: Purdue

It's 10am, time to head over to Shark's Cove. Our third drink of the day? Perhaps the worst drink of the day . . . a Boilermaker. How anyone survives their undergraduate education at Purdue drinking these atrocities is beyond our imagination.

After negotiating with Shark's Cove bouncer Brady (above), our advance scout puts the Purdue banner up on the rail. Yes Brady, you weigh about 250 lbs. Yes, we'll do whatever you want. No, we don't want another Boilermaker.

Cats and dogs living together!! It's Purdue and Indiana, cuddling up in a sports bar....the horror!!

Below are four Big Ten fans ready to become violently ill after chasing a shot of whiskey with a glass of beer. Nice.

Congrats to West Virginia on their fantastic football season...and far be it for us to say that their girls don't rock but . . . ummm . . . the Big East Pub Crawl is NEXT weekend!!

Kidding of course. The Big Ten Pub Crawl is nothing if not an equal opportunity alcohol enabler.

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