Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Stop: Illinois

The first bar on the agenda was Hennessey's, where we celebrated the morning with a "Champaign" Mimosa at . . . get this . . . 8:30 AM (the "AM" is not a misprint). Below is a picture of our first signer-upper, from Illinois, who came to Hennessey's for some breakfast after an all night bender, ended up joining us on the pub crawl, and made it through ALL ELEVEN STOPS!!

Now that's the hearty, can-do Big Ten attitude that we know and love!!

A motley crew to start out, indeed. But hey, it's 8:30 AM for Chrissakes, what did you expect???

Many thanks to the good people at Hennessey's for allowing us to set up shop at their restaurant for registration, as well as post-crawl festivities.

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