Saturday, November 22, 2008

Second Annual Hermosa Beach Big Ten Pub Crawl

Another year, another pub crawl! The second annual was at least as much fun as the first.

Our remarkably enthusiastic staff was up early (like 8:00 early!!) for sign-ins and lanyard distribution . . .

. . . and were met by plenty of willing drinkers at Hennessey's for some pre-crawl bloody mary's.

Aloha Sharkeez was a new stop on the crawl this year, and a popular one thanks to the always refreshing communal Big Blue UM shark tank. Seriously, who doesn't like shoving a straw into an electric blue drink at ten in the morning with twelve of your closest midwest friends?

Minnesota takes over Malloy's.

Where did all these Wolverines come from?

A classic shot outside of Shore

A Spartan fan holding a Spartan Spirit and showing her . . . well . . . Spartan Spirit.

The Indiana banner went missing during the crawl - this intrepid Hoosier tracked it down and brought it back to its home bar - Barnacles.

Note the diverse crowd at the Purdue bar - Shark's Cove. Note the guy in white with a drinking glove. Note the guy in red trying to choke down a Boilermaker.


Not sure what he's yelling about.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's your Gold Team Leader, Blue Team Leader, Red Team Leader, and Green Team Leader. Red Team Leader has apparently been drinking. Nice security jackets, gents.

Two lovely Badger fans drink in the ambiance at Madison West - The Underground.

This guy flew all the way out from Madison for the pub crawl. And for his dedication, he took a shaving cream pie to the face.

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